Okay, let me first tell you when it started. I was in sixth grade when Kaci started SMS. Kaci is one of my best friends, and loves to read. Kaci got me into the Divergent series and I loved it. After that is when I started reading a lot.

Before that I had been in fifth grade reading second grade books. It was really sad because my sister in first grade had a fifth grade reading level. But that is another story. So I started reading a toon of books.

I practically lived in Barnes and Noble. So one day I went to a sleepover with my friends Bran and Liv. They asked if I had a Wattpad. I had no clue what it was, and it sounded really weird. I didn’t get it because I really didn’t know what it was or why it was called Wattpad.

Then Bran comes in with a book. It was called My Wattpad Love. She started showing me bits and pieces of it. I then I read it, then she brought My Life with the Walter Boys. Again I feel in love (TeamAlex). Then she brought a third book, Handcuffs, Kisses, and Awkward Situations.

I read all three of those and finally got a Wattpad, because that is where all the books had first been written. People get discovered on Wattpad and I loved the thought of maybe Bran or Liv’s book could be published.

Okay, now to my problem. I have a addiction to Fan Fiction. Yep, it is the sad but real truth. I read it on Wattpad, I read it on Quotev. I’ll read it on anything. I even write some.

Hello, my name is Nev and I am a FanFicaholic.

Okay another problem, I pictured that phrase on a t-shirts. But let’s not talk about t-shirts. I am completely and totally obsessed. At first I tried to hide it, mostly by not adding the books to my Wattpad library, and not  sharing FanFic I wrote.

But I just need the world to know. I am obsessed. I am a fangirl. And I like t-shirts that point that out. I hope I didn’t waste to much of your time.

– I will not keep calm, I’m a fangirl.

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