I’ve been trying to figure out why I can’t just forget the things that hurt. It seems like it is all there is. I never thought crying yourself to sleep was like a real thing. Then it happened to me and someone I cared about.

It is as though we do it to be strong. So we don’t have to show others how badly we are hurting. Or maybe how much it feels like we are. It always happens at the worst time too. I was serving and I just started to remember everything and panic. I cried through the whole thing.

One of those things I was thinking about was how I knew someone, I idolized them. They were pretty, popular, nice and just plain fun to be around. Then they did something unforgivable. They all of the sudden didn’t look so pretty, came around less, tried to be nice but seemed rude every time, and I hated being near them.

They tried fixing things with me, but like I said it was unforgivable. I avoid having to see them, any time I could. They are still trying to fix what they broke. But some things can’t be fixed. That is the cold, hard reality we live in. It sucks but nobody wants to try and change reality. But maybe they should.

– Your not a sad story