Hi! I haven’t posted in forever! I just didn’t know what to write, but now a lot has happened worth writing about.

I have been making new friends and adjusting since we moved. But a few of my friends have been having hard times. One is poor and has a crack head mother, the other cuts, wants to die, and is told often she is worthless, and another also cuts and has attempted suicide twice.

In short they have problems that I wish I could help. The truth is that I would if I could but I can’t. It just worries me so much that they will be hurt, if they do it to themselves or not.

I am always in constant fear that one day I will go to school and they won’t be there. Not because they are sick with a cold but dead or cutting. It scares me so much. But it also encourages me.

I may not be able to take away cuts, scars, or living situations but I can make them smile. I can make them feel like they are wonderful. Like they aren’t alone. It doesn’t fix everything but it makes them think about the people that do care.

– Your Not A Sad Story


” Stay happy not crappy. Life’s a b¡t¢h don’t quite. ”
                                                                                     – Johnnie Guilbert